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York Furnaces- Not Everyone Gets A Trophy

York- Quality Built to Last

Never in York’s history have they had such a strong focus on design, innovation and quality. They are designing products with the customer in mind by employing a unique Product Design Process to ensure quality is “built in” from concept inception.

York’s biggest asset is their people...when you walk the floor of their facilities and talk to engineers and team members, you’ll find unmatched commitment to delivering the best possible product to their customers.

By utilizing the latest equipment and technology in their state of the art facilities, they never settle for good enough. York is taking the extra steps and doing things right because they know you’re depending on them.


York furnaces have been recognized in the marketplace for years of innovation, efficiency and reliability. For over 50 years, Consumers Digest magazine has identified products with outstanding value, including the York modulating furnace for seven consecutive years! In addition, all York furnaces carry the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval signifying the product has been tested and approved by the Good Housekeeping Research Institute and guaranteed by Good Housekeeping magazine’s trusted consumer policy.

While surveys and online reviews should not be the sole source of information, York furnaces are recognized on as a leading brand. In 2016, York listed five of the top 10 Best Furnaces.

York furnaces are backed by the best warranties in the industry that provide peace of mind for up to 10 years. Check with your local York Dealer for details.                Quality You Can Trust.pdf